The wheel of an e-bike extracts energy from the weight of the rider

At first glance, the Super Wheel looks like a perpetual motion machine – unfortunately continuous movement without a new energy supply is still a dream. The wheel takes energy from the weight of the e-bike rider and keeps itself in motion, the battery saves a lot of energy. This greatly increases the range, but at some point, as always, it’s over.

A rear wheel that gives the e-bike a new impulse? The Super Wheel should fix it.

Electric drive for much more range

The infinity drive is still a long way off, but the Super Wheel system is in principle very close. The manufacturer equips the system used as the rear wheel with springs between the spokes, which compress when they reach the top and expand again when they turn down. As a result, the wheel receives kinetic energy mechanically, electricity does not flow.

A driving feeling like a permanent tailwind?

In the test, a bike with an original range of 100 km reached 160 km by attaching a Super Wheel. The technology is called Weight to energy conversion technology (WTECT). According to the manufacturer, the driving experience suggests a permanent tailwind, which in any case sounds tempting.

The principle is similar to the jumping pogo stick

The pogo stick works according to the same principle: the sports and play equipment has two footrests with springs that the user presses against each other when getting in. Then the person shifts their weight, the spring springs back and propels the device a few centimeters in the air. The sequence can be repeated as many times as the jumping pole moves across the room. However, most hoppers don’t get past a minute.

The Super Wheel costs 475 euros

The Super Wheel promises significantly longer life, it is available in different sizes, and the price is not exactly low 475 euros. The buyer must specify his body weight when ordering, as the system is individually designed. There is also a choice of tires and wheels with 7 to 9 gears. The wheel of an e bike extracts energy from the weight