Tesla humanoid on the market in 2023? Robot »Optimism« must make history

Elon Musk is known for his grand plans, and not only that: many of these plans work, while others get out of hand without a murmur. This always creates a media hype, for example when a cyber truck is announced in a big way, which is a long time coming. Now the entrepreneur again shows great optimism to move a revolutionary project forward: his humanoid robot called “Optimism” will roll off the assembly line as early as 2023 and change the world. The rush makes sense because Musk wants to lead the way again — and other companies have ambitions of their own.

Symbolic picture: Tesla wants to market a humanoid in 2023

Robots as a contribution to the unconditional basic income

“Optimism” should take on many tasks in everyday life that take time, are too dangerous or people just don’t like. Musk also sees the robot as his contribution to the unconditional basic income. The principle behind it: When we have someone to take over the value creation for us, we can finally sit back. It’s still just a dream, and whether it will ever come true will be proven by looking at reality. The first prototype of the new Tesla robot was announced for the end of 2022, but no reports of success have leaked out so far. Musk even puts the development of new vehicles on the back burner so that optimism can still be something.

In short, Tesla-Bot should be people-friendly

The Tesla Bot would be closely related to the electric cars of the same brand. It contains the same AI as the vehicles, as well as their sensors, cameras and processors. Whether a car drives autonomously or a robot on two legs makes no difference to the technology behind it. Importantly, however, the hominid will soon be able to shop independently and take on dangerous jobs. Musk also mentioned repetitive, boring activities in his interview with US magazine Electrek. So optimism, when it comes down to it, not only makes private life easier, but also work life in factories. Of course, the robot must in principle be human-friendly, otherwise the product could not be marketed. Hopefully it stays that way. Tesla humanoid on the market in 2023 Robot Optimism must

Source: netzwelt.de