France rewards switch from car to e-bike

The need to better tailor traffic planning in cities to the needs of cyclists and pedestrians is repeatedly emphasized worldwide. Rarely, however, is this goal pursued so consistently as in the French capital, Paris. Mayor Anne Hidalgo has openly announced that she wants to ban cars from the city as much as possible. As part of this, parts of the city were closed to normal car traffic. In addition, Tempo 30 applies across the board. But it’s not just about annoying drivers. Because at the same time, the alternatives are made more attractive. In 1996, for example, there was still a meager three-kilometer cycle path in Paris. Today, however, the French capital has an extensive network. Research shows that cyclists in the city can travel about fifteen kilometers per hour. That is more than the ordinary driver can handle during rush hour.

The amount of the premium is linked to the income

Meanwhile, Paris no longer seems to be alone in its struggle for the bicycle in France. Because the French government has now launched an interesting financing program. In the first place, it is reminiscent of the German scrapping premium that was introduced in the course of the financial crisis. Because car owners need to be persuaded by money to scrap their old vehicles. In this case, however, the bonus is not used to finance a new car, but only to buy a bicycle. Theoretically, this could be a classic two-wheeler. However, the premium should only really be worth it if you buy a more expensive electric bike. Theoretically, former motorists can receive up to 4,000 euros from the state in this way. However, the support is staggered and based on the individual’s salary. But for those who are thinking of handing in the car, this could be the last step towards a final conviction.

Cycling brings a number of advantages

Anyone who has not yet owned a motorized vehicle or does not want to give up will not leave empty-handed. Here, the French state subsidizes the purchase of an electric bicycle with 400 euros. Here too, Paris is in a sense a bit further. Because in the French capital there is even a subsidy of 500 euros. Other cities and municipalities have also launched their own funding programs. The mass promotion of bicycles happens for several reasons. On the one hand, the traffic situation can be eased because a cyclist needs significantly less space than a car. In addition, there is significantly fewer climate emissions when cycling and the combustion engine is not used. In addition, the health of the population is promoted in two ways. On the one hand, it is healthy to be physically active every now and then. And on the other hand, because it can reduce air pollution.